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It's time to put Macclesfield silks back into the limelight

About John Douglas Silks

Once the heart and soul of Macclesfield's renowned crafting industry, the trade of Expert Silk Crafting, which was appointed by Royal Charter 850 years ago, is set to make its big comeback. John Douglas Silks are proud to pioneer the relaunch of one of the North West's proudest traditions, and to offer you the chance to claim your piece of Macclesfield history with a 21st century twist.

We are proud to introduce John Douglas Silks' exquisite range of bespoke, high quality ties and silk accessories, draped in the rich history of Macclesfield's Silk heritage, with an unmistakably unique modern twist. David Johnson has used his vast experience in premium menswear, accumulated from his long-standing and well known family business in the heart of Macclesfield, to blend traditional silk designs perfectly with original John Douglas Silks' custom acid coloured lining.

All John Douglas Silks products are designed and crafted exclusively in the UK; British fashion at its absolute best. Browse our selection to find the Silk tailored to your personal style. Get involved in something great, and stay original!

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